Collection & Delivery

We can collect and deliver vehicles from and to virtually any location across Europe either by our own transporter or with an experienced driver.

Your vehicle is fully covered by our insurance whilst in transit.


It would be appreciated if 48 hours notice could be given before a vehicle is placed into, or removed from, storage. If the vehicle is to be removed, we are better able to carry out our pre-delivery checks to ensure its good working order if we are given advance notification. However, we appreciate that sometimes this is not possible and we are generally able to react at short notice if necessary.

Our offices are open 9-5, Monday-Friday but as we live 'on-site' we endeavour to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to collection/delivery times.

Vehicles are available for inspection at most times, but a precautionary phone call first is best.

Shipping & Airfreight

We can arrange the import/export of vehicles from/to most worldwide locations, including all the necessary documentation and clearances.